Kelly O.

I loved that I was able to share information with my nonmember husband! And also that I was able to take my time listening and really understand what was being taught!

Stephanie C.

The hardest part about attending is choosing which classes to attend when there are so many you don't want to miss. Also, I forget so much and it is wonderful watching classes over and over so I can keep the information or pause while I take notes.  

Robert G.

I have wanted to go to education week for years but cannot with 5 kids and a busy schedule, I could not afford to do this. To be able to access the classes online is absolutely fantastic and I was so thrilled to hear that this would be available in this way. 


Deborah H.

I was able to listen to a presentation each day. As I listened, I could stop and write in my journal or look for the resources mentioned. It allowed me to better understand the topic. I have health issues that would prevent me from attending in person. My health issues also make my life unpredictable. This format is a blessing to me.


Dale H.

I was able to attend many of the lectures, some more than once.  I was able to take better notes. I have a hearing loss so the captions worked out very well for me.  I did not have to travel to get to BYU and no walking to classes was necessary.   

Sharon G.

I truly get sooo much from Ed week! For the last few years, I have been unable to go due to my husband’s illness. This online option gave me the chance to hear the classes. I would be willing to pay for online even if I can attend in person annually to help support others having that same chance.

Kristin S.

It was just the inspiration and learning that my soul needed right now in my life.

Christy P.

The experience of sharing education week as a couple for the first time was so wonderful! My husband had never had the Education Week experience and we learned SO much together and individually from the discussions.