InspirED FAQ


Q.    What is Continuing Education InspirED?

A.    InspirED is a media streaming service providing exclusive content from BYU Education Week, BYU Women’s Conference, Adult Religion Classes, BYU Life After Loss Conference, and other events after they occur. Available at a low subscription cost, InspirED can be viewed on a computer and through apps on portable devices and TVs. This expanding library contains select lectures and presentations from past events (with closed captioning), and more presentations will be added each month. 


Q.      Why is there a cost associated with this service?

A.       While we wish we could offer InspirED at no cost, that is not possible. We strive with all our programs to keep costs to a minimum. Working behind the scenes are many employees involved in media production, copyright, editing, captioning, computer operations, and coordination to make InspirED available. Our goal is to cover our costs, allowing us to continue providing this inspiring educational content worldwide.


Q.    Will you offer sessions from all of BYU Education Week, BYU Women’s Conference, and other conferences?

A.    Due to copyright limitations and other production challenges, we cannot offer every presentation from every conference. Moving forward, we remain committed to providing as much valuable content as possible.


Q.    Which videos are included, and how many more are coming?

A.    As of April 17, 2023, the InspirED library includes around 200 videos, and more are scheduled to be released. In 2023, we plan to release the following:

  • 174 presentations from BYU Education Week

  • 76 presentations from BYU Women’s Conference

  • 123 presentations from BYU Adult Religion Classes

  • 7 presentations from the 2023 BYU Life after Loss Conference

Upcoming videos will include select videos from the 2023 BYU Women’s Conference and 2023 BYU Education Week. Additional videos from past BYU Education Week, BYU Women’s Conference, Adult Religion Classes are in process and will be released as soon as they are prepared. We are also excited about the new content we are planning.


Q.    Where can I watch it?

A.    Content from InspirED can be viewed at, on the Continuing Education InspirED app from the Google Play store for Android devices, on the iOS Apple app for Apple devices, and on Roku devices. 

Please be aware that before accessing InspirED on any apps or devices (besides the InspirED website), you must first subscribe to InspirED on the website. You can then log into your account on the app or device that you prefer.

Q.    How do I change my registration?

A.    You can change your registration by logging into your account on, then clicking on your profile in the upper right corner of the web page. Then click on the Purchases button, where you can change your subscription.

Q.   How do I cancel? Can I get a refund?

A.    To cancel your subscription, log into your account on, then click on your profile in the upper right corner of the web page. Click on the Purchases button. You can cancel your membership there.

Like other subscription services, paid accounts will remain active until the end of the subscription period. There are no partial or full refunds. If you decide to cancel, you will still have access to InspirED until the end date without any risk of further charges.