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Trailer: "We've Grown Apart": Restoring Friendship, Trust, and Closeness in Your Marriage, and Making it Last Forever

Carrie M. Wrigley

Trailer: Happiness: More than Not Miserable

Neill and David Marriott

Trailer: Another Testament of Christ

Brad R. Wilcox

Trailer: Making Choices and Moving Forward with Faith in Christ

Rhea Maynes

Trailer: The Book of Revelation

Eric D. Richards

Trailer: The Path Unexpected: Managing the Unpredictability of Life

Angela Ahn

Learn Year-Round

While attending BYU events can be life-changing, it is not always possible. And even with in-person attendance, it's impossible to hear more than one talk per breakout session. Now InspirED provides a portal through which recorded presentations (with closed captioning) can be viewed anywhere, more than once, at your convenience.  

"I truly get sooo much from Ed week! For the last few years, I have been unable to go due to my husband’s illness. This online option gave me the chance to hear the classes. I would be willing to pay for online even if I can attend in person annually to help support others having that same chance." —Sharon G.

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Now you can watch or listen to classic lectures on your devices at your convenience. Strengthen your faith and get expert advice on topics like health awareness, relationships, and personal improvement. Apps are available on AndroidiOS, and Roku

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